Live dairy cow and sheep

Domesticated animals and fowls reproducing we are number in delivering quality alive creatures for dairy, beef and leather reason. We are a renowned worldwide wholesaler of live Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Sheep, Cattle, Lambs, pigs , piglet , goats of assorted types. Our pregnant heifers are from 1 to 8 months pregnant . They are of exceptionally fabulous wellbeing conditions. Weight : 450 to 600 K.G, Pregnancy : 6 - 8 months , Milking Capacity : 30 and more liters for each day Age : 24 to 30 months, Certification: Pedigree,Veterinary Certificate Packaging Detail: Packed In Cages or according to Customer's Request Our creature are wellbred champions, free from parasite and other sickness, current on inoculation and routinely vet checked by our qualify specialist. Intrigued purchasers ought to please reach us for more data.



Our animals are grass fed and organic. They are raised by the Government Ministry of livestock Development in disease controlled area. We have established process that guarantee the best quality cattles are raised and supplied to any customer around the globe.

Listing 307C160-201 Est. Weight Average 600 lbs
Number 300 Steers Quality #1's & #2's
Breed Holstein Age Yearlings
Origin Denmark Frame Large
Product Type Poultry Condition Moderate Flesh
Feed/Pasture Native grass & 4 lbs. corn gluten feed per day Vaccinations Calvary 9, BoviShield Gold & boostered - Dewormed multiple times
Implanted Yes Horns Dehorned
Delivery Date Year round Sell Part or All Buyer Takes All... Excluding Any Unmerchantable Cattle
Gathered Early morning & hauled 10 miles to scale Weighed On the truck
Shrink 2%